Economy of scale and skill - intensity without 'tensity'

Economy of scale is all about increasing production and lowering cost, as informed by my 16 year old son via his GCSE studies.

Reminds me of skill development.

If production is about increasing output or outcome (more power on the serve for example, more distance on the place kick etc) then cost is related to the input of 'effort', both physical and mental to achieve the desired goal.

The more skilled we become and the more 'effective' we are (output) the less effort we put in. We become more efficient. That's why a top athlete makes things look so 'easy' - the Federer movement as an example.

The contradiction is that we place a high value on 'effort' and external manifestations of this are applauded.  Trying hard.

But trying too hard can have adverse effects on production and effectiveness - we become less efficient.  There is too much 'tensity' in the intensity, when the goal should be 'intensity without tensity'*

Sometimes, simply the goal of 'make the task look easy' brings us out of effort and towards skill.