Talking less about the winning

I follow 'The Daily Stoic - ancient wisdom for everyday life'.

Very much recommend it.

Lifted directly from yesterday's post:

'It's a strange paradox.  The people who are most successful in life, who accomplish the most, who dominate their professions don't care that much about winning.  Certainly they talk about it less.

How could that be?

It's that they are after something higher than that.  Their goal is to "be best".  Not the best, but best.  They're after mastery - self-mastery.  They're after maximising their potential.

Winning is like being rich.  It's nice, but it's not something in your control, day to day.  What is in your control is showing up, giving maximum effort, following your training, sticking to your principles, pursuing your calling.  It that translates to on the field success, great - in fact it almost always does.  If that translates into career recognition, awesome - and again, it usually does.  But sometimes so does the opposite of those things.

So that's why we, as Stoics, hold ourselves to a higher standard.  We measure ourselves with an internal scorecard.  Trusting in that, we know the rest will take care of itself.'