The 'rules of results' and the things you can positively influence today

What things can you positively influence today?

List them.

And pin them up.

Then articulate the things you can't positively influence today.

List them. 

And then bin them.

It's just that trying to influence things you have no influence over equals stress/anxiety/worry, and it makes sense in my own mind to positively avoid unnecessary disturbance (in the force if you're a Star Wars fan!)...

I love that concept, 'positive avoidance' - almost contradictory in nature, I'm sure there's a posh word for that!

I also choose to use the word 'influence' over 'control'.  Control holds too many pitfalls - it's so absolute, particularly when fortune and fate come into play.

This all reminds me of the rules of results (results can be defined as any 'outcome') that I was introduced to many years ago:

1.  The results you are getting are the results you should be getting - fact.  Let's take responsibility for them, no excuses, no blame.  Whether at home, relationships, school, business, or sport.

2.  You can't control your results, only influence them.  I can have a 'say' in the result by focusing on the things that will help me give my best performance - hence why so many athletes constantly talk about 'my processes'. 

3.  If you want to improve your results, first try doing what you are already doing, but 10% better.  Then consider doing something differently. 

The old definition of insanity comes into play here: doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.